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Beth Kimmerle's Soft Salted Chocolate CaramelsBeth Kimmerle's Soft Salted Chocolate Caramels
Price: $49.99
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Sweet and salty, these rich and soft chocolate caramels come special delivered in a 50-piece box. Each piece is hand-crafted using classic confectioners’ techniques and individually wrapped in wax paper. So good, they've been featured in DOMINO Magazine. * The secret ingredient is SEA SALT!

La-Dee-Dahs (3 boxes)La-Dee-Dahs (3 boxes)
Price: $18.00
Quantity in Basket: none
Candy isn’t just for kids! Chicago-based Whimsical Candy has launched new La Dee Dahs artisanal candy made for grown-ups who want quality sweets with the fun, classic flavors of childhood candy. New La Dee Dahs are handmade swirls of sea salt caramel and white chocolate nougat dipped in fair trade premium dark chocolate. They are chewy, sweet, chocolaty, a little salty and very satisfying! La Dee Dahs come in a fun three-piece box that fits in your pocket. Enjoy them yourself or share a piece with a friend. You'll get 3 different whimsical boxes (12 pieces total) that will keep you smiling long after the La Dee Dahs are gone!

Big Tips Candy CollectionBig Tips Candy Collection
Price: $24.95
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The Big Tips Candy Collection is filled with 15 of your favorite full-size regional candy bars including: Mallo Cup, Clark Bar, Idaho Spud, Peanut Chews, Goo Goo Cluster, Big Cherry, Twin Bing, U-NO, Sky Bar, Nut Goodie, Old Faithful, Salted Nut Roll, Bun Bar, Mountain Bar, and Rocky Road. Enjoy the most welcome temptations and treats all packaged in a snazzy gift box. Each Big Tips Candy Collection assortment is only $24.95! PLEASE NOTE: ALL ORDERS SHIP WITHIN 24-48 HOURS OF ORDERING. THANKS!

Big Tips DeluxeBig Tips Deluxe
Price: $69.95
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A truly grand candy assortment showcasing the best of Big Tips Candy! This special collection offers you a variety pack of candyland favorites. Included in Big Tips Deluxe is one 15 candy bar Big Tips Candy Collection, plus a copy of the ultimate candy history book, Candy: The Sweet History along with a massive bonus tin of 30 assorted candy bars. This sampler is great fun the whole family, office or even yourself. This is a $95 value for only $69.95!

The Big Tips Candy of the Month ClubThe Big Tips Candy of the Month Club
Price: $195.00
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The Big Tips Candy of the Month Club is the perfect gift for any sweets lover! Treat a special friend, family member or customer to a true candy adventure that lasts all year long. Every month for one year, we’ll ship the lucky recipient 15 pieces of a specially-selected American candy bar that is produced by a small regional company. Each batch of candy will arrive super fresh at your doorstep along with a Big Tips newsletter containing information about the featured candy plus candy recipes and history. Every monthly Big Tips selection is personally tasted and approved by our team of candy experts. The featured candy is made in limited quantities and is virtually unattainable without actually traveling all across America. Only our favorites are judged acceptable for Big Tips’ Candy of the Month Club members. This is truly the ideal gift for anyone who enjoys great food, chocolate and confections. Membership is simple: a one-time fee gets you 12 months of candy and we'll ship your order for FREE at the beginning of every month. The Big Tips Candy of the Month Club: 15 Classic Candy Bars per month with free shipping! $195.00

Candy: The Sweet History by Beth KimmerleCandy: The Sweet History by Beth Kimmerle
Price: $34.95
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If you want to know more about your favorite candies and the conpanies that produce them, this is the book to buy. Candy: The Sweet History features hundreds of beautiful images of vintage candy graphics and lots of sweet history. Since its publication in 2003, this book has become a valued resource for candy fans everywhere. Buy one for a friend or give yourself a sweet gift. Candy: The Sweet History is sure to spread candy joy!

Chocolate: The Sweet History by Beth KimmerleChocolate: The Sweet History by Beth Kimmerle
Price: $39.95
Quantity in Basket: none
With the same satisfying style that flavored Candy: The Sweet History, Beth Kimmerle returns for another trip into America’s scrumptious past with Chocolate: The Sweet History. This richly illustrated celebration of our favorite indulgence is beautifully presented with photographs, vintage packaging, and candy graphics that bring to life the truly sweet history of an age-old delicacy.

Sweet Times by Beth KimmerleSweet Times by Beth Kimmerle
Price: $40.00
Quantity in Basket: none
Commemorating the first century of a truly remarkable volunteer organization, a century of sweet memories comes alive in this retrospective of the Pennsylvania Manufacturering Confectioners’ Association. This outstanding pictorial volume chronicles the PMCA with fresh facts about its membership and the candy industry at large. Readers will enjoy details about the early members who created PMCA and those who guided it through its hundred years. Stories are matched by vibrant historical images of memorable industry brands and confectioners. Sweet Times offers a truly fascinating window into Pennsylvania's confection industry and beyond. Within these pages, readers will discover unexpected facts, vintage advertisements, and a fascinating cultural history. This lavishly illustrated hardcover volume is the perfect gift for fans of history, nostalgia, chocolate and the American confectionery industry.