Candy: The Sweet History by Beth Kimmerle

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Candy: The Sweet History

“Watching your insulin levels this Halloween? Then you’ll want to pick up Beth Kimmerle’s new book, Candy:The Sweet History, a guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s brimming with tasty historical tidbits, and fun vintage advertisements, and, for those willing to look temptation in the eye, 11 basic candy recipes. One word of warning, though: The pages aren’t laminated , so lick at your own risk.”
--Budget Living, October/November 2003

“For those craving an encyclopedic knowledge of all things sugary, this book by Beth Kimmerle contains a ton of sweet things: what inspired the creation of M&M’s: which candy manufacturers are still around after 100 years; how many Peeps are produced daily; and how many pounds of sugar the average American consumes every year.
--In Style Magazine, October 2003

“The book recounts in loving detail the evolution of American candy, including lush four-color reproductions of classic advertisements and packaging, and several simple recipes for homemade candy such as nougat and nonpareils.”
--The New York Sun, October 2003

“Candy is with us at very special moments -- we have candy at movies, we have candy at Easter, and we have candy at significant holidays like Valentine's Day,” Kimmerle says. “People want those memories again, they want to be able to relive those days... They're remembering their lives through candy.”
--NPR, All Things Considered, October 2003

“Perched on the coffee table, books lend a room personality. These recent releases won’t stay closed for very long and are sure to prompt interesting conversations. Tootsie Pops, Snickers, Peeps. Sound Yummy? Savor Candy:The Sweet History for an irresistible treat.”
--Family Circle, January 2004

“Kimmerle’s book is a nostalgic trip back to the candy store of our collective youth, guaranteed to bring a flood of good memories and leave a decidedly sweet taste in the reader’s mouth.”
--Canton Rep, Jan 2004

“Despite changes in the market, candy has a way of transporting people back in time, said Beth Kimmerle, author of Candy: The Sweet History. Candy is the one thing we can look at or taste and it takes us directly back to our childhood, Kimmerle said. Even people who don't eat it much anymore get all nostalgic."
--CBS Marketwatch, Febuary 2004

“This beautiful coffee table book is full of so much appetizing artwork, the reader will crave a big helping of sweets. Candy consultant Beth Kimmerle offers a nostalgic and informative look at the history of American confections. With colorful photos, old ads and retro-style artwork, the book is perfect for prominent display.”
--The Sun News, January 2004

“Even if you haven't eaten them in decades, one look at a photo of pink and white Good and Plenty candies, or caramel-and-cream bull's-eyes, can instantly summon up vivid memories of their taste. This stroll through the history of American candy, generously illustrated with images of Baby Ruth bars, Switzer's licorice, Boston Baked Beans and a counterful of other confections, should have you taste-associating in overdrive.”
--Chicago Tribune, December 2003

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